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Papers and Preprints


Autry, A. E., Wu, Z., Kapoor, V., Kohl, J., Bambah-Mukku, D., Rubinstein, N. D., Marin-Rodriguez, B., Carta, I., Sedwick, V., Tang, M., & Dulac, C. (2021). Urocortin-3 neurons in the mouse perifornical area promote infant-directed neglect and aggression.

eLife, 10, e64680. PDF

Miller, B.F., Bambah-Mukku, D., Dulac, C., Zhuang, X., and Fan, J. (2021). Characterizing spatial gene expression heterogeneity in spatially resolved single-cell transcriptomics data with nonuniform cellular densities.

Genome Research, gr. 271288.271120. PDF


Autry, A.E., Wu, Z., Kohl, J., Bambah-Mukku, D., Rubinstein, N.D., Marin-Rodriguez, B., Carta, I., Sedwick, V., and Dulac, C. (2019). Perifornical area Urocortin-3 neurons promote infant-directed neglect and aggression.

bioRxiv, 697334. PDF


Moffitt*, J.R., Bambah-Mukku*, D., Eichhorn, S.W., Vaughn, E., Shekhar, K., Perez, J.D., Rubinstein, N.D., Hao, J., Regev, A., and Dulac, C. (2018). Molecular, spatial, and functional single-cell profiling of the hypothalamic preoptic region.

Science 362, eaau5324, *Equal Authorship. PDF


Isogai, Y., Wu, Z., Love, M.I., Ahn, M.H.-Y., Bambah-Mukku, D., Hua, V., Farrell, K., and Dulac, C. (2018). Multisensory logic of infant-directed aggression by males.

Cell 175, 1827-1841. e1817. PDF


Moffitt*, J.R., Hao*, J., Bambah-Mukku, D., Lu, T., Dulac, C., and Zhuang, X. (2016). High-performance multiplexed fluorescence in situ hybridization in culture and tissue with matrix imprinting and clearing.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113, 14456-14461

*Equal Authorship. PDF

Bambah-Mukku, D., Travaglia, A., Chen, D.Y., Pollonini, G., and Alberini, C.M. (2014). A positive autoregulatory BDNF feedback loop via C/EBPβ mediates hippocampal memory consolidation.

Journal of Neuroscience 34, 12547-12559. PDF

Arguello, A.A., Ye, X., Bozdagi, O., Pollonini, G., Tronel, S., Bambah-Mukku, D., Huntley, G.W., Platano, D., and Alberini, C.M. (2013). CCAAT enhancer binding protein δ plays an essential role in memory consolidation and reconsolidation.

Journal of Neuroscience 33, 3646-3658. PDF


Chen*, D.Y., Bambah-Mukku*, D., Pollonini, G., and Alberini, C.M. (2012). Glucocorticoid receptors recruit the CaMKII [alpha]-BDNF-CREB pathways to mediate memory consolidation.

Nature neuroscience 15, 1707–1714 *Equal Authorship. PDF


Chen, D.Y., Stern, S.A., Garcia-Osta, A., Saunier-Rebori, B., Pollonini, G., Bambah-Mukku, D., Blitzer, R.D., and Alberini, C.M. (2011). A critical role for IGF-II in memory consolidation and enhancement.

Nature 469, 491-497. PDF


Agarwal*, S., Kulshreshtha*, P., Mukku*, D.B., and Bhatnagar, R. (2008). α-Enolase binds to human plasminogen on the surface of Bacillus anthracis.

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta-Proteins and Proteomics 1784, 986-994

*Equal Authorship. PDF

Reviews and Book Chapters

Autry, A.E., and Bambah-Mukku, D. (2020). The role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in neural circuit development and function.

In Synapse Development and Maturation (Academic Press), pp. 443-466. PDF

Bambah-Mukku, D. (2016). Angelo Mosso's Circulation of Blood in the Human Brain (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV PO BOX 211, 1000 AE AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS). PDF

Alberini, C.M., Bambah-Mukku, D., and Chen, D.Y. (2012). Memory consolidation and its underlying mechanisms.

Memory Mechanisms in Health and Disease (World Scientific Publishing), pp. 147-170.

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