Dhananjay Bambah-Mukku

Principal Investigator

I  received PhD training in Cristina Alberini's lab at Mount Sinai and NYU and was a postdoctoral fellow in Catherine Dulac's lab at Harvard. I am interested in animal behavior and the biological underpinnings of emotion and subjective experience.


Zhiyuan (Jax) Chen

Undergraduate Student

I'm a junior studying Cognitive Science and Psychology at UCSD. I'm generally interested in emotion and memory and understanding their neurological foundation. 

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Kaitlyn McElhern

Undergraduate Student

Sunaina Martin

Graduate Student

I received my BS in Neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles where I studied spatial representations in the retrosplenial cortex under Alcino Silva. I then worked with Tiago Gonçalves to uncover how experience impacts hippocampal spatial representations. I am broadly interested in understanding how animals interact with each other. Particularly, I am interested in how differences in age, sex, and environment govern social interactions.


Kateryna (Kate) Rozenberg

Undergraduate Student

I am a 4th year neurobiology major and psychology minor undergraduate international student at UCSD!

Before Bambah-Mukku Lab, I worked at the Etkin Lab at Stanford. I have been interested in non-verbal communications of animals ever since high school and am interested in understanding the biological basis for species' social behaviors. 

My hobbies include snowboarding (since I was 11), road biking, surfing, rock climbing, autosport, photography, pottery, traveling, and I'm trying to get into yoga :) 

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I'm a second year studying Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience. I am generally interested in how specific populations of neurons affect human and animal behavior. In my free time I love going to the beach, hiking, and hanging out with friends!  

I am currently a senior studying Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience at UC San Diego. I have worked on developmental projects regarding the theory of mind and how children understand social behaviors at the Mind and Development Lab at UCSD and as a summer intern at the Moral Psychology Lab at Harvard. I have also worked on projects regarding visual search and attention at the Serences Lab at UCSD. My research interests are understanding how social behavior and cognitive processes arise. 

Shruti Nishith

Undergraduate Student